800kg/h scrap copper cable recycling line in India.

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800kg/h scrap copper cable recycling line in India.

800kg/h scrap copper cable recycling line in India. 


1.Installed region: Delhi, India. 

2.Raw material: waste copper wires

3.Recommending model: TF-800

4.Processing(recycling) capacity: 700-800kg/h 

5.Working procedure:

scrap cooper cable recycling line.jpg

A.Conveying Process(No.1 belt conveyor):

As the whole cable recycling line is totally automatic, there are conveyors between each part of the line for connecting. We put first belt conveyor with under frame here to match with height of the first crusher. Then raw material(waste copper cables) can be brought into crusher by the conveyor. Width of the belt here is 400mm, and we can also adjust the belt width according to customers’ demand. 

B.Crushing process(double shaft crusher):

Function of this crusher is to pre-treat the original scrap copper wires to get small pieces before shredding. This crusher has double shaft inside, which cut the cable wires by blades with rotating blades. It cut the wires to small pieces with length of 5-10cm. Power of reducer motor for this crusher is 37KW.

C.Conveying process(No.2 belt conveyor):

Crushed copper wire will be sent to second shredder by this conveyor.

D.Shredding process(second shredder): 

This is the most important cutting part of the whole scrap copper wire recycling line. Through this shredder,crushed copper wires will be cut again, and finally we can get small mixed copper pellet and plastic(pvc) pellet(with size of 5-8mm). There are moving blades and fixed blades inside it. Gap between the blades can be adjust to get different size copper and plastic pellet.

E.Conveying process(No.3 belt conveyor):

This conveyor is smaller than other two conveyors of the cable recycling line. It takes charge of sending mixed small copper and plastic pellet to separator.

F.Separating process: 

This vibrating separator decides the recycling effect of the whole copper cable wire recycling plant. It contains fan blower system and vibrating screen system which can take out of copper plastic pellet and copper pellet from different exit. To get better separating effect, we put two small vibrator table for second separating. Finally we could get copper pellet with nearly 100% purity.

G.Dust collecting process:

Together with the shredding system, there is dust collecting system with pulse dust collector and air filter. It helps remove dust and other impurities inside the crushed material. 

Other Optional Equipment of Copper Wire Granulator and Separator: 

Electrostatic separator.

Sometimes there will be a little light plastic mixed with copper pellet, and the vibrating separator can not remove them. Then users can put an electrostatic separator for third separating to get 100% pure copper.  Users should check with suppliers about the raw material to confirm whether this separator is required.  

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