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Wire stripper machine, copper wire stripper is designed to strip various wire: Copper wire, single core wire, multicore wire, aluminum wire, sheet cable wire, flat wire, etc. Processed wire diameter can reach to 160mm.After processed by a Scrap Cable Stripping Machine, metal like copper, aluminum or steel can be recovered.
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Application of Cable Stripper:  

TF series copper wire cable scrap electric wire stripper is an equipment used to process all kinds of wires and cables, by peeling the plastic and rubber covers from the wire core. The wires and cables can be single strand or multi-strands. By using our machine, you can get complete plastic covers and wire cores without damaging wires. It has wide application and can be used in many industries: like the wire processing of electronics industry, injection molding industry, electric tools machine, automobile industry, electronic instruments, toys, lamp industry and others.

Features&Advantages of Wire stripping machine:

1. Widely processing range: wires and cables with diameter 1mm-160mm;

2. Having low working noise and light in weight;

3. High peeling speed can make sure high working efficiency.

4. wire stripper is driven by single or three phase motor.

5. two or four adjusting handles to adjust the distance between knives or rollers

6. simple knife change

7. heavy-duty gearbox and electric motor with start/stop butter and safety shut-off

Specifications of cable stripper machine:



Processing Capacity:


Cable processed:

Single&Multi-strand cable

Cable diameter:


Blades quantity:


Hole quantity:






Stripper dimension:


Stripper  weight:


Working Principle of wire stripping machine: 

1.This model wire stripping machine is both  manually and electricity operated machine.Pushing wire automatically,just need hold by labors.

2.Under electric mode, you just need adjust the knifes and gears, and then machine can strip wire automatically.

3.Adjusting gears to suit different diameter wire,the outer sheath and inner conductor will be stripped by blade when waste cables cross through the middle guide wheel.

Maintenance of cable stripper: 

1) This machine is suitable for various kinds of round cables and sheath flat cables. 

2) The operating methods are similar operated by both manual and electrical ,no matter which way ,operators have to check the size of cables and feed channel to make sure they are applicable before operation.

3) In case wire broken after stripping ,please follow the solutions as below:

• Adjust the tightness of the spring both sides of the screw rod.

• Check whether the feeding holes are misplaced. 

• If the stripping blades is too sharp ,use oil stone to grind a bit. 

• Lubricating suitable engine oil on the surface of adjusting screws and slider to prevent locking and reduce noise.

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