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Scrap Copper Wire Separator Plant

TF1200 copper wire recycling line is CE approved, which used to recycle large size scrapped copper wires and cables, like automobile wires, telecommunication wires, and other kinds of copper wires.The granulating capacity can reach to 1200kg per hour.
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Features of Enamelled copper wire recycling machine:

1. Compact structure, beautiful appearance, reasonable layout, easy installation;

2. Using PLC control system, intelligent operation, so that equipment even feed.

3. Crusher with roller crushing system, slow speed, large capacity, low noise, simple operation.

4. Crushing separation Dust removal equipment in the form of a combination of flat, easy to move and transport, but also increase the equipment is not flexible.

5. Equipment separation rate of up to 99.9%.

6. Recycling system can re-grinding semi-finished products to ensure that metal and non-metallic products completely separated.

7. The dust removal device can control the dust spill, so the dust removal rate is up to 99%.

Application of Large capacity cable wire granulator: 

Used for kinds of auto electrical wire,motorcycle wire. Storage battery bike wire. A television wire, washing machine and Refrigerator wire, Air conditioning and other household appliances wire, Telecommunications wire,Computer wire and so on.

Specifications of Line type recycling machine of copper wire:



Recycling capacity


Processed wire diameter


Total power








Working procedure of scrap copper cable wire granulator: 

When directly put into the machine,used cable is cut into granules first,during this process,copper and plastic is separated but mixed together,then the granules are sent to vibration device for separation,through wind blow and vibration,the copper and plastic are separated,then pure copper comes out from one side and pure plastic comes out from the other side,we collect the separated pure copper and plastic at last. 

Main Components of Cable recycling plant: 

1.First crusher(double shaft crusher)

it needs the operator to put the waste wires into machine. Although this step must be operated manually, it has the features like easy to operate and high output.


it moves the waste wire from first crusher to second shredder.

3.Second shredder

it is a device which is used for crushing the 2~3cm wire from first crusher. This machine can crush the foreign body on external surface and separate the external rubber with copper completely. Additionally, the filtering network fixed at the bottom of machine is used for controlling the processing speed and output for different wires, and it is suitable for processing the cable from thinner one like hair to thicker one like power cable when it change the filter network. The pulverizing chamber can be operated by oil pressure system, what is more, it is easier to repair and change the blade.


move the crushed materials from second shredder to separator by wind wave and pressure.


as a core part, it is used to separate the copper and external rubber, though the structure is complex, it is easy to operate.

6.Dust collector

this device is used for collecting the dust produced in sorter through blower, there are 12 filtration woven belts whose material is imported diffusing tissue which can recycle the dust effectively, and so guarantee the cleanliness of the air of surrounding environment.

7.Air rock (Rotary valve)

Lie in the lower extreme of dust collector, for discharging the inside dust effectively, operate the rotary valve termly.

8.PLC controller

as a control device, it is used for adjusting all the machines and equipped with emergency stop and timing function. The working principle is using the PLC to control each part of the machine with strong controllability.


Q: How will the copper look like after recycling?

A:After processing by this machine, you will get bright copper granules about 3 to 5 mm long.

Q: What if I want to maintain the wire type with just insulation off?

A:You can choose a wire stripper.

Q:How can I find a proper wire granulator?

A:That depends on what kind of raw material you have. Generally it means, this machine can process thin telephone wire, computer wire, industrial wire, automobile wire, etc. They can be single conductor, twin core or multi-core, two strand or multi-strand, straight or twisted. The minimum diameter a wire granulator can process is 0.2mm, maximum diameter is 40mm. 

Q: What if I have very thick wires?

A:You can use our wire strippers or use the two machine together.

Q: Is it complicated to install or operate the machine?

A:Not at all. Before shipping out, main parts are assembled together except for several parts for easy transportation. If raw materials are finalized, machines can also be adjusted to work well. They are PLC controlled. English manual are send out together with the machine. 

Q:What if we can’t use the machines smoothly?

A:Tell us your problems or making them into videos. We will provide you solutions as soon as we can.

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