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Brief introduction:
TF-600 cable granulator machine is used for copper wire and aluminum wire recycling. It crushed and separates cables to get clean copper and aluminum pellet finally.
Capacity of TF-600 is 300-400kg/h.
Recycling rate can reach to 98-99%.
All kind of cables with size of 0.1-20mm are applicable for it.
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Features of industrial copper wire granulator 

TF-600 copper cable recycling machine has high recycling efficiency and high purity. Mixed crushed material(copper pellet and plastic pellet)enter vibrating separator together with airflow,and finally the pellet are put on the small vibrator(second separator)to get 100% purity.

Application of Scrap copper cable recycling machine: 

Applicable cables

waste communication copper cables, motor cable, car cable, industrial cable,household cable, enamelled cable.

Applicable cable diameter


If you are not sure whether your cables are applicable for our equipment, you could send some cables to us for testing.

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Working Principle of Scrap copper cable recycling machine :

Raw Material(scrap copper wire)--Shredding--Dust collecting --Separating

Specifications of Scrap copper wire granulator : 


Recycling capacity

Processed wire 


Total power








As required



Structure of Waste copper cable granulator :

Structure of Waste copper cable granulator.jpg

1.Separating system: The high pressure fan brings crushed copper and plastic pellet into the vibrating separator. There is screen inside the system,which can take copper pellet and plastic pellet to different outlet).

2.Small vibrator:shredded copper pellet and plastic pellet will drop on this vibrator for second separating. 

3.Shredding System: Shredding is the first step of whole recycling process of the granulator machine.There is 14pieces of moving blades inside the crusher, and it can cut small pieces of scrap copper wires to small pellet with size of 5-8mm(depends on raw material size).

4.Dust Collector: There is combined dust collecting system on the recycling machine.

5.Electric control box: Normally we match automatic controlling system with the machine.And we could also accept control system customization. 

Spare Parts&Related Machine Cable Granulator: 

Main spare parts of cable granulator is screen and moving blades.Normally we supply extra one set spare parts includes 1 piece of screen and 14 pieces of blades for JLF-600 granulator machine. 

We also recommend proper related machines to customer according to the raw material to get best recycling effect. 

Pretreat Machines: 

1. Cable stripper: if customer deal with large size copper wires with multi-strand,it is better to separate its cores and then put them into granulator machine. 

2. Double shaft crusher: If the raw material is with large lenth, it will be helpful to cut them to smaller pieces before granulating. 

3. Blade sharping machine: After long time operating, blades on the granulator machine need maintianing to get good sharpness. 

4. Magnetic conveyor: If there is a small part iron mixing inside the copper wire, we can add a magnetic conveyors to take out of the iron mixing of the copper pellet to get high purity. 

5. Belt conveyor: It is supplied to customer who required totally automatic copper wire feeding. 

We also produce other models with different capacity. 

Please click following links to get more detailed information: 


TF-400: 200-250kg/h 

TF-800: 600-800kg/h 



Q:Is there quick-wear part on the machine? 

A: The spare part of the machine is blades and screen, their use life is more than 2 years, and we could also supply blade sharping machine to you for maintenance.

Q:What’s the longest continuous working time for the recycling machine? 

A:Normally 10 hours per day.

Q:Is the machine easy to operate? How many workers required to operate it? 

A: We design precise but simple control system for the machine. 

TF-600 cable granulator requires one or two persons to operate. 

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