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EFB Palm Fiber Crusher

1.EFB palm fiber crusher is used for crushing EFB fiber to small size which is suitable for further pelletizing or briquetting.
2.EFB palm fiber crusher with Low rpm of roller shaft, can cut the palm EFB fiber evenly.
3.Safety protection devices are attached to ensure the safety of operators.
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Introduction of EFB Palm fiber crusher:

TF series EFB palm fiber crusher plays the important role during pellet production line,no matter poultry feed line or biomass wood pellet line,the raw material all need to be grinded at firstly.

EFB palm fiber crusher is suitable for crushing palm fiber,rubber, etc. After crushing, the output size can reach diameter 2-5mm , which is suitable for further pelletizing or Briquetting.

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Features of EFB palm fiber crusher:

1)Advanced technology, applying special cutting angles for flying knives and fixing knives.

2)Special relay of flying knives, makes cutting in less resistance force. Longer life span of the knives.

3)Low rpm of roller shaft(20-30rpm), cut the palm EFB fiber evenly

4)Output fiber length: 4-8mm, suitable for making pellets

Technical data of EFB palm fiber crusher:




Main Motor (KW)



Capacity (T/H)



Input Window (mm)



Demension (mm)



Weight (kgs)



Whole process of EFB palm fiber crusher:

EFB palm fiber crusher is the most important sections of the pellet production line, our company supply machines and turn-key projects for you.

1. Crushing section

EFB Palm fiber crusher crush the raw materials into powder. Including small silos, crushing machines, conveyors, dust collector, air fan, etc.

2. Drying section

Drying the powder materials moisture 12%~15%, including conveyors, rotary dryer and accessory equipments

3. Pelletizing section

The most important section of the line, pressing the materials into small pellets. Including conveyors, small silo, pellet machine, belt conveyor, sidewall conveyor, etc.

4. Cooling section

Cooling the high temperature pellets to room temperature. Including counter flow cooler, conveyors, cyclone, etc.

5. Packing section

Packing pellets into bags 50kg/bag or 1t/bag, etc. Including packing scale and sewing conveyor.

6. Electric control system & Accessory equipment

Controlling all the machines in the line, including cabinets and cables, etc.

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