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A Particle Machine Production Line About How Much Money
May 25, 2018

How much is the production line of a pellet machine?

This is almost every fresh into biomass energy production people will ask a question, now small series from a professional point of view for you to understand, in the end a particle machine production line about how much money to spend. In the case of plant factor determination, first determine the raw material, because the material is related to whether to use a variety of ancillary equipment, such as dryers, crushers and so on.

If the material is suitable for direct granulation, then congratulations, you save a small amount of money,

Second, determine the output, the size of the output determines the choice of the type of particle machine, choose 1 or several units, this according to the actual output of the match, the general election output is greater than the actual output.

Finally, there are some electronic controls and belts, which are almost negligible compared to the previous ones. So you just have to determine the above several factors, the basic cost can be determined.

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