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Characteristics Of Biomass Granular Fuel
May 25, 2018

1. Green Energy Clean Environmental protection

Burning smoke-free tasteless, clean environmental protection, its sulfur content, ash, nitrogen content is far lower than coal, oil, etc., is a kind of environmental protection and clean energy, enjoy the "green coal" reputation.

2. Low cost and high added value

Biomass briquette fuel calorific value is high, the use cost is far lower than the oil energy, is the country vigorously advocates the generation oil clean energy, has the broad market space.

3. Density increase storage and transportation convenience

The formed fuel is small in size, big in density, and easy to be converted, stored, transported and used continuously.

4. High efficiency and energy saving

High volatility, high carbon activity, ash only 1/20 of coal, ash residue in the bottom of the heat, burning rate can reach more than 98%.

5. Strong application and wide applicability

Formed fuel can be widely used in industrial and agricultural production, power generation, heating heating, burning boilers, cooking, unit families are applicable.

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