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Classification And Comparison Of Granular Machines
May 25, 2018

As we all know, granule machine is divided into two series--flat Die series and ring mold series. The Ring Mold series should be more familiar, because at home and abroad many feed enterprises are using the ring mold machine granulation. Feed raw materials are concentrated, such as corn, soybean meal, cotton meal, and so on, the adhesion rate is high, another granulation with steam regulator, you can advance to the material to soften, curing the role of better granulation, and increase the gloss of the particles.

But like straw, sawdust and other crude fiber, its own adhesion rate is low, Difficult to shape, and if the fuel particles, the need for a large density, so need a lot of pressure to reach the density of particles, this invisible increase the difficulty. As renewable energy in recent years has gradually arisen, the market has been promoted to do the fuel particles of the ring molding machine is made of feed ring mold machine evolved, so there are many ills to be improved.

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