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Difference Between Different Pellet Machines
Jun 14, 2018

In China market,if making wood pellets,there are only two types pellet machine can be considered,the flat die pellet machine and ring die pellet machine.We named these two pellet machines by their die mould.As you can see from below pic,first one is flat die mould with roller,second one is ring die.

flat die and ring die.jpg


Flat die pellet machine generally in small size and suitable for household usage because of its less capacity,which is normally from 50kg~500kg per hour.Many clients buy this type for self-own or farm usage.


Ring die pellet machine is divided to two series according to ring die mould’s position:vertical pellet machine and horizontal pellet machine.Both of them can work well for large scale pellet production.


Here’s funny part,some clients used to complain about how to choose proper pellet machine during vertical and horizontal type,when they started to make research among different suppliers,some would tell them,vertical is better,while others said horizontal is better.

It is easy to understand why different suppliers recommend accordingly pellet machine,it’s more likely 99.9% vertical pellet machine supplier will tell you that vertical is superior,or 99.9% horizontal pellet machine supplier will say that horizontal is more popular.


Well,if you ask my opinion,I would say both of them has their own advantages and disadvantages,you cannot distinguish the quality and performance only by judging their “ring die mould’s position”.it cannot be used as a condition for comparison of equipment's performance with that of concrete.Because no matter vertical pellet machine and horizontal pellet machine,they share the same working principle.


The most important parameter of comparison should be machine cost,power consumption,the wear parts lifetime,lubricant consumption,maintenance cost and other indicators.

Therefore, it is not resonsible for supplier to “determine” which type pellet machine is better,the right way is recommend proper machine based on clients’ needs,their local raw materials and budget.


We are professional manufacturer with own factory located in Liyang city of Jiangsu province in China.I made a detail comparation list about vertical and horizontal pellet machine,which helps my clients a lot to know the difference.Welcome contact me for the file.

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