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New Project Coffee Grounds Waste Recycle To Biomass Pellets
Dec 19, 2018

If you are a manufacturer of coffee products?  How do your factory deal with the coffee waste grounds? By research, 50% coffee grounds waste is poured  and doing harmful influence to PM2.5. And other 40% factory choose to deal it by spending lots of money. It is a problem.
By influence of our customer, we started to test solution of biomass coffee grounds pellets. By one month testing and reforming, we have reformed our machines and make it possible. By a reasonable moisture and reasonable reduction ratio, our machines can TURN COFFEE WASTE TO PROFITABLE BIOMASS PELLETS. 
There are some coffee pellets in the market, but they are very small capacity about 100kg/h to 500kh/h. Our machine can make coffee pellets from 500kg/h to 5t/h. It is a large market and we hope to share it with you and make a win-win cooperation.

TF coffee bran pellets

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