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Regular Cleaning Of Equipment-pelletizing
Feb 07, 2019

Granulating system cleaning

1.why should do cleaning work

The granulation system consists of granulator(pellet machine),cooler,crusher and sieving screen. The most important is the modulator and pressing chamber of the pellet machine.

Because the steam enters the above part,it increases the moisture, heat and viscosity of the feed, and easily adheres to the inner wall,the shaft and the blade of the modulator. The structure of the pellet machine chamber is complicated, and there is accumulation everywhere.The pellet machine's modulator is more difficult to open, so the frequency of cleaning is generally not high. 

2.Cleaning method(how to clean up):

In order to ensure the quality of the products,we recommend that a week to half a month clean up is appropriate.

If pellet machine is shut down for a long time, it should be cleaned up firstly to prevent the mold from becoming sticky. The pelletizing chamber should be thoroughly cleaned after the end of each shift. If the two varieties are cross-contaminated, they must be cleaned up firstly.

After granulating, when the cooler is empty,one person should enter through the entrance hole, clean the four corners and the residue on the sieve plate with a wooden stick and other tools, wipe off the four walls; dust and product on the leveler and glass to make sure the material is completely removed. 

3.Cleaning frequency:

every one or two weeks

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