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Straw Pellet Machine Will Usher In An Important Opportunity
May 25, 2018

With the state's concern over environmental issues, the problem of reprocessing of straws has become the focus again.

Turn on the news because the cases of burning straw are punished, with the development of the times, we need to use clean energy more and more urgently.

In this case, the role of straw particle machine is more and more prominent, not only can the straw processing into biofuels, but also processing into feed. The inclination of the policy is a factor of the development of straw granule machine, more important is the straw particle machine become a part of the region to get rich, through the straw, sawdust reuse, can effectively increase the income of farmers, according to the current straw particle machine price, if there is a fixed sales target, less than a year,

Even in a shorter period of time, the cost can be fully recovered. Environmental protection is not a responsibility, it is the responsibility of everyone, we can only protect the green mountains to get the Golden Hill Yinshan

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