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What Is Copper Wire(Cable) Recycling Machine
Jun 14, 2018

Copper wire recycling machine(also called copper cable granulator) is conventional equipment which is used for copper wire revering. And it is popular environment machine widely used in recycling industry.Main working principle of the wire granulator is crushing(grinding) scrap copper wires and separating output copper and plastic(PVC) pellet. And it can be also used for recovering aluminum wires.

The cable recycling machine is applicable for car cables, telecommunication wires and other industry cables, and the cable diameter(diameter of single strand) should be less than 20mm. 

Technically there are two types of cable recycling machine: Dry method cable granulator and wet method cable granulator.  

1.Dry type cable granulator: 

For copper(aluminum)cables with small diameter, normally we use All-in-One recycling machine. Standard structure of this type granulating machine mainly includes Shredding part, Dust collecting part and Separating part. This kind of copper wire granulator is easy to operate and work with low noise and low pollution.

Shredding is the first step which is supported by shredder contains moving blades and fixed blades. Moving blades are installed on the middle axle inside the shredder, and fixed blades are fixed on walls of cutting chamber. When machine is started, axle rotates with high speed, and copper wires are cut between the gap of fixed blades and rotating blades. During this process, we can get mixed small copper pellet and plastic(PVC) pellet.

Second step is separating which includes two parts: air classification and vibrating separating. This is the most important different part between dry method cable granulator and wet method cable granulator. Mixed copper and plastic(pvc) pellet is taken into separator by conveyors. There is blower fan inside the separator, and plastic(pvc) pellet is blew out of the back exit of the separator by the fan wind. The rest copper pellet drop on screen inside the separator. With vibrating of the separating screen, clear copper pellet(with 98%purity) goes out of the shaking chamber. Normally there is a small vibrator for second separating. It can help separating few waste inside the copper pellet to get almost 100% purity. 

Together with the shredding and separating system, there is dust collecting system which is used for cleaning the mixed material. It mainly contains pulse dust collecting and air filter to make sure output material clean. 


2.Wet type cable granulator: 

This is traditional copper cable recycling machine. It includes shredder and wet type vibrating separator. Firstly copper wires are crushed to small pellet by cable shredder, and with supporting of water supplying system, mixed copper and plastic(pvc) pellet drop on vibrating separator, and plastic(pvc) pellet will be washed out by flowing water. And copper pellet will be left. We also call this separating method gravity vibrating separating. With this working principle, plastic and other impurities can be cleaned completely, purity of copper pellet can reach to nearly 100%. But this wet method cable recycling machine requires large quantity of water resource. 


When we choose copper cable recycling machine, recycling efficiency and purity of output material should be the most important point we need to take into consideration. And another important point is type of the raw material( copper&aluminum wires). As there are many kind of scrap cable, most of them includes at least one kind impurities. Before choose cable granulators, buyers should check the raw material: cable type, cable size, and then get professional advice from suppliers to get most proper equipment.

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