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What Is Radiator Recycling Machine
Jun 14, 2018

Radiators from air conditioner and car water tank is one of the most important industrial solid waste for now. This kind of radiator mainly includes copper pipe and aluminum fin. Some of small factory hire workers to separate the scrap radiator manually. But they get very small processing capacity and worse separating effect. To get high recycling efficiency and save operating cost, we are recommending automatic radiator recycling machine here.

There are mainly two types of radiator recovering machine: scrap radiator separator and complete radiator recycling line. 


1.Radiator Separator:

This kind of radiator recycling machine is used for separating copper pipe and aluminum fin. Both double layer and single layer waste radiator can be separated by this machine directly. But this radiator recycling separating machine requires standard size scrap radiator with 3 different size of center distance of radiator. And input radiator must be almost straight.

The radiator separator mainly includes radiator input plate(3 different size), compressing part, cutting part.

Firstly we put suitable size scrap radiators into matched plate, radiator will enter rotating compressing system under pushing. Together with the compressing system, there is rotating shaft with blades on. By compressing and cutting, aluminum fin is taken off from the radiator. Finally clean copper pipe and waste aluminum fin will come out from back of the separator. 

And important point buyers should notice is raw material. Users need to take off the iron part on the radiator. Normally the iron part is on both sides of the radiator, radiators should be put into the separator after pre-treatment. And if users have radiators more than double layers, a set of band saw will be required to cut the radiators to single or double layer for good separating.

If you have waste straight radiators from air conditioner and car water tank, before choosing separating machine, please check with suppliers: radiator type, radiator center distance. 


2.Complete radiator recycling line

As we know, most of the radiator will be destroyed when the waste air conditioner and car water tanks are disassembled. So waste collectors always have crooked waste radiator with different shape, and they always compress them to small or big block. For this kind of raw material, ordinary radiator separator can not handle them. Then we have professional complete plant recycling line for compressed and crooked radiators by crushing and separating.

This scrap radiator recycling plant mainly includes radiator crusher, radiator shredder,vibrating separator,dust collector and magnetic conveyor. The whole processing is totally automatic. It only requires 2 operators during working process.

Waste radiators are crushed by large power double shaft crusher to small pieces, and then second shredder will process the small radiator to get final smaller mixed copper, aluminum and iron pieces. With new technique, there is gravity separator added to separate most of the aluminum from mixed material. Finally mixed material enter vibrating separator, together with it, there is magnetic conveyor which help to take the small iron pellet out to get pure copper.  And rest of aluminum will go out from another side of the separator. Totally there are three part of dust collecting system to avoid pollution. And the whole radiator9water tank) recycling line has high efficiency.  

Buyers should pay attention on type and size of raw material(waste radiator) when choose radiator crushing and separating plant. Radiator size is very important for first crusher(double shaft crusher). Just getting advice from supplier to get proper radiator recycling equipment.  

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