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What To Pay Attention To Investing In Pellet Machine
May 25, 2018

With the state's emphasis on environmental protection industry, more and more people began to join the environmental protection industry, biomass particles as green biomass energy has been recognized by the vast number of consumers, if you want to engage in the cause of biomass particles, what need to pay attention to things?

The first priority is the problem of raw materials, although the source of biomass particles, from corn stalks to a variety of sawdust waste can be, but due to the need for a large amount of raw materials, we must take full account of the production site and raw material origin distance, otherwise the freight will occupy a large part of the profits.

Second, to consider sales, in the current situation, sales are not the basic problem, now the sawdust particles all over the country in the vicinity of 1000 yuan/ton, the quality of sawdust can even reach 1500 yuan, of course, if there is a fixed seller that is the best. Finally, we should consider the yield problem, combine the two factors to determine the output, and then the sales manager to determine the production process, so investment in a particle machine production line is basically completed.

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