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Cattle Chicken Feed Pellet Production Line

5t/h feed pellet line
1.for poultry or fish 2years warranty
3.technicians for oversea installation
4.complete 1~20t/h pellet plant
5.PLC control
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TF machine is china top 5 famous brand pellet line manufacturer and engaged in feed pellet plant industry for 20years. We are not only doing quite well for china domestic market but also fantastic for overseas market.

Our feed pellet line can produce animal feed,pet food,shrimp feed and so on,which is widely used for producing grains into high-grade aquatic feed pellets for fish,catfish,shrimps,crab etc. 

Advantages of feed pellet line:

1.Advanced technology,high capacity and low energy consumption.

2.The feed pellet line occupies less floor space and needs low investment in construction work.The modular structure is convenient for assembly and disassembly,facilitating shipment and installation.

3.PLC controlled,alarm device is available.The operation is simple and convenient.

4.Wide applicable scope:The pellet line can produce both slow-sinking fish feed and poultry animal feed pellet.

Feed Pellet line Technology:

1.Raw materials Pre-cleaning section

2.Crushing section

3.Computer batching and mixing section

4.Oil and liquid adding,steam supplying section

5.Pelletizing and cooling section

6.Electronic control section

Equipment Related to Complete Feed Pellet line:

Pre-cleaner→ Hammer Mill →Mixer →Pellet Mill →Cooler →Crumbler →Rotary Screener →Bagging Scale →Control Center

Detailed processes of our pellet line:

1.Raw Materials

Raw materials can be corn,brown rice,paddy,sorghum and soybean meal etc.

2.Grinding Process:

The feed grinder can grind the raw material ingredients to the required size.There are various hammer mills which can satisfy different requirements.

3.Mixing Process:

Mixing is considered to be one of the essential operations in feed pellet line.Lack of proper mixing may lead to reduced diet uniformity, affecting the feed pellet quality.

4.Pelletizing Process:

Feed pellet mill is the core equipment of the whole pellet line. According to different raw material, material formula and working condition, we can offer you different pellet mills.

5.Cooling Process:

Counter-flow feed pellet cooler is designed to cool or dry the feed pellets.It can decrease the temperature and moisture of the feed pellets,preparing for the following processes.

6.Crushing Process:

Crumbler is arranged in the technological process flow of feed pellet line like this:Pellet feed produced by pellet mill enters the crumbler for crumbling after being cooled by cooler so as to obtain the pellet feed with required size.Then the crumbled pellets are conveyed to pellet screener for screening so as to separate too big feed pellets and too fine feed mash.Generally fines will not exceed 10-15% of total feed conveyed into the crumbler.  

7.Screening,Grading and Packing Process:

The rotary grading sieve can be used to screen and grade the feed pellets. After processing,you can get the qualified feed pellets without fine powder.

Packing Process

The feed pellets should be packed for transporting, storing or selling.

8. Automatic PLC Control System:

It can control all motors from pellet line machineries,make operation easily and more efficiency.

Other information you may want to know:


the production time of pellet line

normally,it is 25working days,if customized motor like in 220 or 440v,we may have longer time like 35working days,the final leadtime will be subject to our confirmation.


the delivery way

we can ship complete pellet line to client’s country seaport,by loading in full containers,different capacity pellet plant need different numbers of containers.


the warranty

2years except spare part.

Our Service:

Our professional service includes: Free training how to operate each machine in pellet plant. Guidance Installation of the pellet plant. After training,clients’ people can run pellet plant perfectly.

If you have any question, please contact us freely. Our after-sales service team on-line will do the best to accomplish your sincere requirement on time.

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