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Vertical Pellet Machine

Biomass Fuel Pellet Making Machine

700G 3t/h pellet machine
1.transmission strengthen increased 2~3times gear box driving
3.ring die inside pellet machine in 2layers design need independent lubriction pump
5.TF pellet machine in 2years warranty
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G series pellet machine is designed and researched and developed specifically for raw materials in the tropical regions,especially for difficult to press materials such as oak, rubber wood,palm fiber,etc.These raw materials have high heat and can be recycled. Of course it also adapts to other raw materials like agricultural waste.

In biomass business field,TF’s G series pellet machine is very popular in Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore.We have successfully installed a number of production lines and received very good feedback.

What can a pellet machine do:

This pellet machine mainly used for making wood pellets,the pellets used for industry,boiler factories,the machine can be produce φ6.0,φ8.0,φ10.0,φ12.0 pellets.

What is the advantage of wood pellet:

They are efficient,cost-effective,environmental friendly,renewable and braod application.

What’s the pellet machine’s feature:

All of the vertical pellet machine has the following advantages.

--Upward die,vertical feeding,no material arching,good heat dispersing capability.

unlike horizontal type pellet machine feeding through a screw feed part,then go to pressing chamber,vertical pellet machine directly contact to the material.

--Die static,roller rotating,make the materials well-distributed, high efficiency.

because of this structure,vertical pellet machine saving force feeding part,material be feed inside ring die.

--two sets of lubricating oil systems are connect with pellet machine body, long service life,high and stable yield.

one is engine oil cooling system,the other is for spare part grease adding,only G type pellet machine has this feature.

--Air cooling and dust removal keeps the long operation,efficient production,energy saving and environmental protection;

no matter MZLH or MZLV-R or MZLV-G type pellet machine,they all can be equip with such system to keep machine's good working performance.

--Double-deck dies,a dual-purpose machine,more choices,more harvest.

only vertical pellet machine's ring die in such design.ring die can be in alloy steel material or stainless steel material.

Specifications of vertical pellet machine—G type:





Appy for

various kinds of raw material to make pellet:
1.agricultural waste(wheat stalk,corn stalk,peanut shell,rice husk,straw,etc.) 
2.wood waste(scobs,wood branch,wood chips,wood shaving,log's skin,etc.)
3.palm fiber


12~15% of raw material

Final produce

pellets in diameter 6/8/10mm.length is adjustable

Main power













15working days in standard,if customized,20~25working days


2years except spare parts


2-layers ring die
we have G(gear box type),and R(reducer type)

Our G series is special in the market,because:

-driving all by gears

the two types vertical pellet machine,R and G series,R adopt reducer driving,G adopt gearbox we all know,gearbox driving pellet machine is more stable.

-with water cirulation cooling system

during pellet machine working,temperature inside body get higher,with cooling system,it can make sure machine in good working condition.

Only G type pellet machine has this part.

-capacity is highest

because its driving part is pure gear,working is more stable.

TF is the pellet machine supplier with years experience on manufacturing,by choose us,you will get:

1.abundance experience on on-site production,saving your time and cost

TF has been engaged in biomass business since year 2003,during past years we sold counltess pellet machines and installed countless pellet lines all over China and oversea market,at the same time,we accumulate abundant experience from onsite production,which we can use to help our clients better.

2.professional after-sell service on timely.

we promised all of our clients,if they have problem on running our pellet machine,we will provide solution within 24working hours.

3.independently design according to your market need

for each seperate pellet machine and pellet line,we offer reasonable suggestion and help you to choose proper equipment according to your situation.

4.strictly quality control,guarantee all parts of pellet machine in high quality level

all of our machines with Ce certificate and exported to over than 27countries.

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