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Vertical Pellet Machine

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560G 2.5t/h pellet machine
1.transmission strengthen increased 2~3times gear box driving
3.ring die inside pellet machine in 2layers design need independent lubriction pump
5.TF pellet machine in 2years warranty
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Pellet machine mainly used for making wood pellets,the pellets used for industry, boiler factories.TF is the best China pellet machine manufacturer,our factory located in Zhongguancun Industrial Science and Technology Park in Liyang city,China.

We have two kinds of vertical pellet machine:

1.G series

It is the most latest innovation type,driving by gear from gear box,currently is also the hotest selling type,small body in bigger capacity.

2.R series

Driving by gear from reducer,the most common type pellet machine in market,good working performation as G type.

Various kinds of raw material to make pellet: Raw material can be any type of Agro-Forestry waste,like wood log,wood branch,wood skin,wood chips,stalk,straw,peanut shell,rice husk,etc.

agricultural waste(wheat stalk,corn stalk,peanut shell,rice husk,straw,etc.) and wood waste(scobs,wood branch,wood chips,wood shaving,log's skin,etc.)

Output pellet: 

the final size could be:Φ6, 8, 10, 12mm, etc. length is adjustable,strictly follow EU Standard.

Both vertical pellet machine share some features:

1.Vertical ring die wood sawdust straw pellet maker mill,feeding vertically, the raw materials can follow to the pelleting room directly.with centrifugal force material will be spread evenly to the pressing chamber.

2.Vertical ring die structure,easy for heating dissipation,which can keep pellet machine running continually.This part same as horizontal type pellet machine,also equip with heat-removal system to reduce temperature inside pellet machine body.

3.Ring die fixed, main axis vertically, main shaft and roller rotating,the roller only can rotating inside of the ring die,so no deflection,no shaking,machine running more stably.

4.Vertical ring die fixed,roller rotating, with centrifugal force,making the materials evenly distributed around inside the die, also the centrifugal force will help improve the capacity.

5.Double-layer ring die,up and down side.One ring die can be using 2 times by turn it over.Cut down operating costs.this design is specially for vertical type pellet machine.

MZLVG series pellet machine special advantages:

-driving all by gears

the bottom body of pellet machine adopt parallel shaft hard-toothed surface triple helical gear deceleration,gear windened,the modulus increase,transmission intensity for 3~5times of conventional speed reducer.

-with water cirulation cooling system

this system can help to cool engineer oil and make sure bearings working under proper temperature,so they will not cause any damage.

-capacity is highest

since driving all by gears,the working and transmission is more stable.

-Famous brand motor, Imported NSK bearing

all of our pellet machine in such famous brand parts to keep good quality of complete pellet machine,we believe with good parts,the pellet machine can live longer.

-equip with ring die lifting device,saving worker labor to change spare parts

all of our pellet machine equip with this device,which can help to change ring die easily.

-equip with dust and heat removable system

we also call it heat-removal system,both horizontal and vertical pellet machine with this.

-equip with auto-lubrication device

all of our pellet machine can be equipped with this device,which can add grease or oil automaticly during pellet machine's working in production.

Specifications of vertical pellet machine—G type


Vertical—G series





Power (kw)






Capacity (t/h)






Ring die (mm)







2-layers ring die
we have G(gear box type),and R(reducer type)


Q: What kind of materials can be using for pellet making?

A: Sawdust,EFB,Rice husk,straw,agriculture waste,grass,and other different kind of biomass materials

Q: Which moisture content is suitable for pellet making?

A: Most suitable moisture content is 10-15%.

Q: Which size can be feeding into pellet machine?

A: normally need the raw materials size smaller than the diameter of the output pellets diameter.

Q: What's your warranty time of the machine?

A: 2 years,except the wearing parts.

Q: What's the wearing parts for the pellet machine?

A: The roller husk and the ring die

Q: What 's the density of the output pellets

A: pellets density is 1.0-1.4g/cm3

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