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Complete Wood Pellet Plant Cost

10t/h wood pellet plant
1.offer turn-key project 2years warranty
3.technicians for oversea installation
4.1~20t/h capacity of pellet plant
5.CE approved
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We accept customized pellet machine and design suitable pellet plant according to clients' demand and actual need.Welcome contact me to get more..

Normally all forestry and agro-waste material can be made into wood pellets by our pellet plant,the final pellet is kind of green fuel to replace traditional fuels like coal,gas,petrol,ect.They are use widely like:

1.Burning in a stove to cook at home;

2.Heat the house, school, hotel, or greenhouse, farm;

3.Used in thermal power plants to replace coal.

4.Used as cat litter to replace clay;

5.Used as horse bedding, or beddings for cow, chicken, dogs, and other animals.

Raw material:

1.agricultural waste(wheat stalk,corn stalk,peanut shell,rice husk,straw,etc.)

2.wood waste (scobs,wood branch,wood chips,wood shaving,log's skin,etc.)

3.others including palm fiber,coconut shell,etc

Finish product&Usage:

wood pellets(normally pellet size 6,8,10,length adjustable) can be used in alot of applicances like stoves, boilers, furnaces and other heating system

Generally,a complete wood pellet plant is consists of crushing process & drying process & pelletizing process & cooling process & seperating process & packing process. Based on clients's raw material type and actual needs, those processes can be adjusted accordingly.


The detail information of this complete wood pellet plant:

Step 1—Chipping & crushing section--raw material preparation

if clients raw material type is different,like mixture with big and small size,then this crushing process will be done with two types machine,a wood chipper and a wood hammer mill.

wood chipper will make large size wood to small piece(chipping section),then hammer mill is griding to sawdust shape,make preparation for next step.

Step 2--drying section--rotary dryer

in a pellet plant,the material moisture is very important,if clients raw material moisture is proper,like around 12~18%,it will be no need this drying step.

If clients raw material moisture is higher than 20%,then they definitely need a dryer,otherwise,the sawdust can not make perfect pellets,they will stuck inside pellet machine or getting on fire during pressing.

Step 3--pelletizing section--pellet machine

pellet machine is the key part in the whole pellet plant,we produce both horizontal type and vertical type pellet machine,they have magnificate appearance,the exqusite workmanship,the best material we use.

if you want to know more about our advantages on pellet machine,please contact me freely,i will send you a detail file to show you one by one.

Step 4--cooling section--pellet cooler

when pellets come out from pellet machine,they are in high temperature,it is ok if client want to pack directly for sale,but we would suggest to choose a pellet cooler to reduce their temperature,then they will be more stable for is optional section in the pellet plant.

Step 5--seperating section--vibrating sieve

clients making pellets for local selling or this case,this equipment can help to separate. it is optional section in the pellet plant too.

Step 6--packing section--pellet packing machine

In our wood pellet production plant,clients can choose two ways packing,in Ton bags or 5~50kg/bags packing.

Step 7--general control system

Normally we would suggest using PLC control system to run the pellet plant operation.

TF, the pellet plant supplier,has 15 years experience in pelletizing field. Numerous plants are installed in Hungary, Sweden, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, UK, Greece, etc. Top quality machines with good after-sales service, TF is your best choice for complete pellet plant installation. 

We can also supply the CO, FORM A, FORM E, FORM F, FORM P certificate of original for you.

If you want to know more about our pellet plant, please contact us with below answers:

1. What is your raw material? 

Wood chipper, log, sawdust, or etc.?

2. What is your raw material size? 

3. What is the moisture content? 

4. What is the pellet diameter you want? 

5. You need automatic packing or manul packing? That is to say, you need to pack the pellets manually or automatically?

6. What is the voltage?


7. what is the total power limits,under how much kw?

Welcome to visit our factory in China!

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