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  • Waste Cable Wire Granulator

    Brief introduction:
    TF-600 cable granulator machine is used for copper wire and aluminum wire recycling. It crushed and separates cables to get clean copper and aluminum pellet finally.
    Capacity of TF-600 is 300-400kg/h.
    Recycling rate can reach to...
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  • Enamelled Copper Cable Recycling Machine

    TF-800 CE approved copper wire recycling line is used to recycle scrapped copper wires and cables, like automobile wires, telecommunication wires, and other kinds of copper wires, in order to recover copper. The granulating line is consisted of Crusher, Crushed Material...
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  • Scrap Copper Wire Separator Plant

    TF1200 copper wire recycling line is CE approved, which used to recycle large size scrapped copper wires and cables, like automobile wires, telecommunication wires, and other kinds of copper wires.The granulating capacity can reach to 1200kg per hour.
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  • Automatic Cable Wire Stripper Tool

    TF series cable stripper can be used for removing PVC/plastic/PE skin and pick up copper or aluminum cores inside the wire. Processed cable diameter is between 1-160mm.It has high stripping efficiency and get high purity copper or aluminum.
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  • Industrial Wire Stripping Machine

    The automatic Wire Stripping Machine use drill or handle to strip scrap copper wire. The stripper is automatic and the wire range is up to 38mm. It's easy to operate with hand crank or drill driven, portable and convenient, energy saving, nice appearance. You can get copper...
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  • Copper Wire Stripping and Cutting Machine

    This automatic used scrap copper wire stripping machine wire cutting and stripping machine performs stable, convenient to use, easy to operate and quite practical, all these features turns it into the most general use wire stripping machine.
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  • Aluminum Cable Cutter and Stripper

    Wire stripper machine, copper wire stripper is designed to strip various wire: Copper wire, single core wire, multicore wire, aluminum wire, sheet cable wire, flat wire, etc. Processed wire diameter can reach to 160mm.After processed by a Scrap Cable Stripping Machine, metal...
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  • Electric Scrap Copper Wire Strippers

    Electric wire stripper is used to process all kinds of wires and cables with diameter of 1-42mm, by peeling the plastic and rubber covers from the wire core. The wires and cables can be single strand or multi-strands.
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  • Waste Air Conditioner Radiator Separator Machine

    The radiator separator is used for separating the outside aluminium foil and the inside copper pipe of wasted air conditioning radiator. Each set of this kind of machine just can separate two different specification radiators.
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  • Scrap Aluminum Copper Radiator Separating Machine

    The separator machine is used to cut radiators from air conditioners and separate copper pipes from aluminum. Before processed by this machine, the radiators shall be cut with a band saw into pieces of certain width.When radiators are more than 2 layers, a band saw is needed...
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  • Industrial Scrap Radiator Recycling Plant

    The waste radiator recycling plant is used for crushing scrap radiator to small pieces and separate the copper, aluminum and other waste iron.The separating plant has high recycling efficiency and separating rate( up to 99%). It can process more than 1000kg scrap radiator...
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  • Air Conditioner Radiator Granulator and Separator

    Radiator recycling line is applicable for aluminum copper radiator with any shape. Processing capacity of the recycling plant is 1000-1200kg/h. Recycling rate of the separating line is up to 99%.
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