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Radiator Separating Plant

Air Conditioner Radiator Granulator and Separator

Radiator recycling line is applicable for aluminum copper radiator with any shape. Processing capacity of the recycling plant is 1000-1200kg/h. Recycling rate of the separating line is up to 99%.
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Features of Scrap AC radiator recycle plant:  

1. In the whole process, materials are send to every step by conveyors. It saves a lot of labor.

2. Raw materials can be straight, twisted or distorted. Just throw them into the machine, it will give you high purity copper and aluminum.

3. The process adopts dry type separation with all the dust collected. It will be environment friendly.

4. The whole procedures are controlled by PLC electric cabinet. Just press the button on it, you can adjust every step. Very easy to operate.

Application of Scrap AC radiator recycle plant:

TF-500 radiator separating plant can process air conditioner radiator, refrigerator radiators, car radiators either straight, twisted or miscellaneous, one layer, two layer or multi-layers.

Main Components of Car radiator separating equipment: 

1.Conveyor:Put radiators on the conveyor and send them to first crusher. 

2.First crusher: This crusher cut the radiator to small pieces with size of 10-15cm

3.Second shredder: The shredder cut the crushed radiator to final small pieces. 

4.Separator: Copper pellet and aluminum pellet get out of this vibrating separator. 

5.Dust collector: includes pulse dust collector and air filter

Specifications of Copper Aluminum radiator separator machine: 



Voltage / Power

380V / 118.3KW(voltage is customized)



Separation Rate

Above 99.5%



Belt Conveyor

Dimensions: 3*1.4*2.5m  Voltage / Power: 380V/2.2KW

2. First Crusher (Two-shaft Crusher)
Voltage/Power: 380V / 22KW  Dimensions: 1100*1800*1960mm

Belt Conveyor

Dimensions: 3300*1100*2500mm  Voltage / Power: 380V / 2.2KW

Second Crusher

Voltage/Power: 380V / 55KW Dimensions: 1700*1550*2900mm

Magnetic Separator

Dimensions: 3500*1500*2100mm  Voltage/Power: 380V / 1.5KW

Vibrating Separator

Dimensions: 3800*2000*4000mm  Voltage / Power: 380V / 17KW

Working principle of Radiator separating line:  

Radiator harmless separating and recycling machine,which adopts dry-type crusher ,magnetic separator and air separator to break and separate the radiator, turning the radiator into copper, iron and aluminum. The whole process is conducted in negative pressure.

The equipment needs hand feeding and inside hard material, such as chunks of iron or large screws, shafts, should be picked out in advance. Then after first crushing and second crushing, aluminum, iron and copper are taken off. At last, magnetic separator and air separator separate aluminum, iron and copper. Pulse dust catching system is allocated in crushing and separation part, effective solution to the dust discharge. The crushing and separation system is equipped with pulse dust collector system, so the dust problem can be solved.


Q:What’s the separating rate of the plant? ( how many percent of the copper, aluminum and iron after crushing and separating)  

A:The final separating rate is more than 98%. 

Copper: 42%

Aluminum: 48% 

Iron(Fe): 10%  

Q:How many hours can the machine work continuously?  

A:10 hours 

Q:What’s the crushed radiator size from the first crusher? 


Q:What’s the smallest copper and aluminum size out of the second crusher? 

A: 1-2cm 

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