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Radiator Separator

Waste Air Conditioner Radiator Separator Machine

The radiator separator is used for separating the outside aluminium foil and the inside copper pipe of wasted air conditioning radiator. Each set of this kind of machine just can separate two different specification radiators.
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Features of waste radiator separating machine: 

1. Compact structure, taking up small area.

2. Humanized design, easy to operate.

3. High efficiency, separation within seconds. 

4. Labor saving, use automatic recycling instead of labor working. 

5. No damage to copper pipes, no copper loss, practical and economical.

6. Low investment, high profit.

Applications of waste radiator separator: 

The radiator separator is suitable for both air conditioning radiators and car radiators.

Center distance of two copper pipes in radiators shall be 19mm or 21mm or 25mm. We could also customize as per the specific conditions.Before processed by this machine, the radiators shall be cut with a band saw into pieces of certain width.

Specifications of radiator separating machine: 




1800*850*1100mm (approximate)


700kg (approximate)

Power Supply

380V / 50Hz / 3 Phase (customized)

Main structure of radiator separating machine: 

1. Compressing part: It is radiator compressing system, the gear compressor is used for removing alumunum part on the radiator. 

2. Radiator input plate: Normally there are 3 parts for radiator input, and they have different width for different size radiators. Customer need to put proper size(center distance) radiator on it. 

3. Handle: There are totally 6 handles on the machine to adjust blades inside it. 

4. Motor: There are two motors on both sides of the machine. 

5. Control panel: There are Start,End and Emergency buttons on the panel. 

6. Blades: Blades used for cutting radiators. 

Working principle of scrap radiator separating machine: 

1.After starting motor, the v- belt drives the compression roller, pinch roller, and blade to rotate through the reduction box. 

2.The raw material is compact and sent to the fly-cutter blade by pinch roller. 

3.Then, the radiator is cut up by the fly-cutter blade, the copper pipe is separated, and the aluminum scattered network is cut up.

4.The machine limited to single,double radiator copper and aluminum are separated layers 

separating copper and aluminum radiators work completed by the entire unit

We also supply Complete Recycling Line for Compressed radiator. 

Please Click following Link to get more information: 

TF-500: capacity(1000-1200kg/h)

Our service: 


1. The necessary guidance, we will provide videos and pictures for choosing models.

2. Your visiting to our factory and testing machine are available and warmly welcomed 

During sale

1. We manufacture the machine on schedule and surely delivered on time.

2. Ensure the quality of our machine.

3. We are responsible for Packing shipping and customs clearance fee.


1. We offer one year warranty.

2. Engineers available to service machinery overseas.

3. Machine components can be changed for free if it is non-artificial problems.

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